Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are some common questions about Gonzalez Eagle Roofing LLC.

How can I set up an appointment with Gonzalez Eagle Roofing?

It’s really easy, just call (971) 217-0779 and we will send you a professional ASAP

How quickly after a call can you come out to look at a job?

We always try to set up an appointment within the next 24 hrs. after we received your call.

How do I know when I need to replace my roof?

There is a rule of thumb that could be used and can give you an idea about the conditions of your roof. If your roof crumble, while you walk on it, which is usually signs that you need to call an expert to have them evaluated with more detail. Not to mention, if your roof start leaking, don’t wait to call a professional.

How much does a new roof cost?

The price of a new roof is different depending on the material selected, and the area of the roof. We recommend getting different estimates from roof professionals in your area. Try to remember that the quality of the materials makes a big difference in the price. That’s why we are committed to the highest standards of quality.

Are you licensed and bonded?

Yes, we are all the necessary requirements to work in the State.

Should I just do the work myself?

In general, replacing or fixing a roof should be done by a professional, not just because it is sometimes hard work, but it is a matter of safety. Professionals are trained to safely repair or replace a roof. They are equipped with all the falling protection needed to do the job.

What type of roof should I choose for my house?

Getting a new roof is an important decision. Any homeowner should not only think about the cost of the roof but also about the appealing value of your home. Making the wrong choice can bring down the equity of your house.

How should I pick the color of my new roof?

Every time you need to pick a new roof, you need to have in consideration that your roof should blend with your house. It should always combine together with the color of your home.

How long would you take to install a new roof?

We try to install a roof within two to three days after we been called. Of course, the time is always depending of the size of the roof and the material. You can be sure that, we will tell you the first day how long it will take.

What do you do with the old roofing material?

Anytime we do a roof replacement or roof repair, we bring a dumpster to collect all the materials. You don’t have to worry about any mess, we are professionals and we take care of everything.

Does my property will be a chaos during construction?

We are sure that your property is always protected. First, we bring a dumpster to collect the old roof. Second, we are sure that all your grass and flowers are protected before we start any job. Finally, after replacing your roof, we always clean your gutters to be sure there is no nails or materials blocking any pipes. In addition, we always run a broom magnet all around your property to collect any nails.

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For any other questions, please write us at contact@gonzalezeagleroofing.com or call us to (971) 217-0779

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We count with well-trained technicians to keep your roofs in great shape. For this reason, we being the leaders in the Willamette Valley since 2013. We count with 20 years of experience, all roofing systems require regularly scheduled inspections and preventive maintenance at least twice per year. Gonzalez Eagle Roofing had the lead over two decades roofing inspections and maintenance to many customers.

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