Roof Maintenance

Increase the value of your roof with our services. 

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Anyone who lives in the Pacific Northwest can testify first hand to the sometimes crazy weather. From winter storms, to dangerous torrential rainfall, we have seen it all. This is why we pride ourselves more than anything on our roof replacement and roof repair services. For over two decades Gonzalez Eagle Roofing has protected its customers from all weather conditions. If you’re looking for a residential or commercial services give our experts a call today, we would be more than happy to assist you anyway we can.

Your home is the most significant investment that you will make in your life. The roof of your home should always be kept in great shape to protect your investment and the people who live there.
Roofs need regular maintenance to increase your roof life and to prevent leaks, damage and costly repairs. With Gonzalez Eagle Roofing, we can save you a lot of money down the road in repairs if you let us take care of your roof with the right maintenance Whether it’s your home or a business, we can handle all your roof maintenance needs such as:

• Cleaning debris from the entire roof, behind chimneys, skylights, and gutters
• Removing moss
• Treating to prevent future moss
• Inspecting and caulking or replacing any flashings as needed
• Sealing all roof penetrations as needed
• Repairing nail pops and securing loose shingles as needed

Preventive Commercial Roof Maintenance.
The life expectancy of your flat roof can often be tied to how well it has been maintained. Therefore, it is also highly beneficial to hire a commercial roof repair professional who will perform a comprehensive evaluation of the state of your roof so the chances for future water intrusions can be minimized. For these assessments to be effective, they require highly trained roofing inspectors who can properly evaluate the severity of the problems related to your roof system.

If either debris or moss is an issue with your roof, or you have any other roof maintenance needs or questions, give us a call at (971) 217-0779, and we will be happy to help.